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The Apothecary is a non-story level that acts more of a hub. Katia can use the Apothecary as a base of operations, whilst gathering information.

It is run by the mysterious woman, Gurd.

Usage Edit

The shop has multiple functions.

Talk to Gurd Edit

Talking to Gurd will open up various Side Missions. Once all of them are completed, she will simply cycle through some scripted advice.

Buy/Sell Card Edit

The range of cards Katia can buy is limited, with the exact choice dependant on what levels have been completed thus far. Upon completion of Broch Black, Katia can buy any card that was previously seen in the shop.

Katia can also Sell cards though this is only advised if the player is desperate for money, as Gold has little use outside of the Apothecary.

Transform Card Edit

Katia can use Experience Points to transform an individual cad into another one. Whilst many cards have multiple choices, some stronger monsters can only transform into one other monster.

Transforming a card is often harder then Copying as more EXP is generally needed. This service is free.

Copy Card Edit

Copying a Card does exactly what it says; Katia can make a duplicate of a card. This can be handy for gaining additional copies of a preferred card the player likes. This service requires monsters to reach a certain EXP level but it otherwise free.

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