Steel Skeleton is a member of the Skeleton family and is one of the stronger Independent monsters in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Steel Skeleton looks just like the regular Skeleton but with a metallic grey colour palette. It is also taller then Katia herself.

Use Edit

Whilst the original Skeleton was a reliable, easy-to-use card, the Steel Skeleton is actually really dependable.

It's attacks lack range, but the Skeleton makes up for this by being very fast once it spots a target.

In addition, it's attacks have a chance of causing Petrification, gaining life from enemies upon hitting them or even Instant Death.

As an enemy Monster Edit

The Steel Skeleton, useful as it is, is one of the more fearomse regular enemies. Instant Death is a very rare status to carry and the king of the skeleton race carries the potential. It also has the power to occasionally Petrify enemies. Both of these prevent summoning allies so Katia must be quick to dispatch this foe.

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