Princess Katia, is the heir to the crown of Alanjeh. She resides in Alanjeh Castle, where she departs on a journey to investigate the Black Fog. Katia takes the castle's Runestone, the royal Runestone gives Katia the power to command cards and summon them forth. Very few hold this power to control the cards as Katia does. Katia promises to find her father and determine the fate of the kingdoms and the world from the Black Fog.


The disappearance of a small forest was the first sign of the approaching evil. One morning, villagers awoke to find a wall of fog where the forest had been. Some men that ventured into the pitch black mist were never heard from again...

It would not take long for the mist to enshroud the entire village. Where there had once been life now there was nothing but mist which turned day into night.

By ancient covenant, the rulers of the Five Kingdoms had banned all interaction between their nations.  Now, the Five Kings abandoned their isolation and met to look for a solution.  Sadly, none could offer a plan to defeat the fog.  

Terrifying rumors spread throughout the land.  Some whispered tales of an ageless evil reawakened...