The God of Harmony is a deity mentioned in Lost Kingdoms and physically appearing in lost Kingdoms II.

Role in the Story Edit

The God of Harmony is mentioned in Lost Kingdoms but it's role is never expanded upon until Lost Kingdoms II.

In the second game, the God of Harmony is said to be the one who sealed the other two Gods into Runestones and kept them at bay, sacrificing itself in the process. It's body remained however and, after being awoken by the current Kendarian King, began mindlessly devouring souls, having devolved into a monster.

The monster is later seen attacking the Royal Palace and being fought off by Tara's sister, the current Queen. She fails unfortunately and the Body, having gained some semblance of awareness, mutates and appears to be attempting to conquer the world.

When Tara Grimface eventually makes it to the top of the tower, the monster's body reveals itself as the God of Harmony. Tara must defeat this foe to finish the game.

Due to this being the shell of the deceased Harmony God, it is never made clear if the Body's actions represent the true God of Harmony or if it is a more twisted entity due to not having the soul needed for moral actions. The constant absorption of souls may have contributed to this.