The God of Destruction is a powerful Natural monster. It is one of the three Gods who created and then fought over the Five Continents centuries ago.

The God of Destruction, sometimes known as the Black Terror, serves as the final opponent in the main story of Lost Kingdoms. In Lost Kingdoms II, the God of Destruction has vanished but it's Card plays an important role in the main story.

Role in the Story Edit

Katia first learns of the God of Destruction through the God of Creation. The Enchanter was the first to find the God and awaken it, which is also the source of the Black Fog plaguing Argwyll.

The Enchanter is finally confronted in Broch Black and, despite wielding powerful Neutral monsters, is defeated by Katia in a duel. The God of Destruction then appears, having used the Enchanter as a vessel. It challenges Katia to a battle, where it fights alongside four unnamed monsters.

Eventually, Katia is victorious in battle and the God of Destruction leaves the world, sealing it's power in a card for Katia to claim. The God of Creation later expresses thanks to Katia for stopping him, then leaves as well.

Usage in battle Edit

The God of Destruction is a powerful Summon-type card. When summoned, it calls upon the four beings that also aid it in the final battle of Lost Kingdoms. Together, the five deities reduce the HP of all combatants to 1. This of course includes the player.

This can, however, be combined with the Hydra's poison for a simple yet effective strategy.

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