The Elemental Doors are a type of interactive object in Lost Kingdoms. They provide access to the game's secret levels.

Location And Description Edit

They are found in Ruh-Arok Temple.

The Elemental Doors are a group of four doors, located at the end of side corridors on the east and west of the platform with the card symbol on it. Red and Blue doors are opposite each other whilst Green and Yellow oppose each other.

The doors each represent an elemental type; red for fire, blue for water, green for wood and brown for earth. When they open, the doors reveal they are actually in three segments, that slide horizontally in different directions when opened.

When the secret level beyond has been completed, and the relevant beast card obtained, there is a white glow along the bottom of the door.

Usage Edit

The Elemental Doors unlock the four levels needed to add the Divine Beasts to Katia's collection. They can be accessed before facing the final boss, and the Beasts themselves can prove worthy companions in the final fight.

To pass through each Door, Katia must own at least one copy of 20 different monsters of the relevant element. The Doors check the individual species and not copies of the card.

Not all 20 monsters need to be present to unlock each door, simply owning them is considered enough.

Notably, when a door is opened, a voice mentions allowing "my Master" to meet with the player.