The Decoy Pillar is a somewhat-rare Independent Monster that does not attack.

Appearance Edit

The Decoy Pillar is an apparently-sentient, tower of blocks balancing on a skull. The card's artwork depicts flames though these aren't always visible in-game.

Usage Edit

The Decoy Pillar is exactly that, it is meant to act as Decoy. It never attacks, but it's ability Decoy Action forces enemies to attack it.

This ability can be fantastic when setting up basic combos, or even just finding breathing room. It's low cost makes it easy to set up multiple times if needed.

Besides not attacking by itself, the Decoy Pillar has two main flaws. One is that it is a Fire Element monster and the other is, as a consequence of Decoy Action, Boss Fights tend to wear it down rather quickly.

Trivia: Edit
  • This monster is the only Decoy monster to never appear as an enemy.

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