The Dark Raven is a Weapon monster in Lost Kingdoms

Appearance Edit

The Black Raven has a slightly skeletal appearance and glowing red eyes, beyond this is looks like a large black bird.

Usage Edit

The Dark Raven is one of the earliest cards available, and is rather useful as a quick-use Weapon card. It also has mild auto-aiming making it perfect for beginners.

Unfortunately, without transforming the Dark Raven loses out to a lot of monsters later in the game. It's power becomes pitiful starting around the time of Kendarie Castle.

The best transformation, depending on your individual preference, is the Chimera as a solid Summon monster or the Cockatrice for a slow but useful Weapon card.

As an enemy, the Dark Raven is very weak and should go down to any decently powered monster, though Man Traps will have a difficult time regardless.

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