The Body of the God of Harmony is the corpse of the God of Harmony spoken of in legend. It is bigger then some buildings, the player when stood against it on a ledge only comes to it's head.

In the Story Edit

Centuries ago, the God of Harmony sealed the Gods of Destruction and Creation into Runestones. This act caused the God to sacrifice itself; unfortunately it's body was left behind. Though it retains some of the God's former power, the Body is a walking corpse, driven only by an insatiable need to suck out the soul of any being that approaches it.

The Corpse is somehow responsible for the creation of the Runestones wielded by other Runestone Masters in the second game. Additionally, it is the creator of the pink balls of light floating around the Runestone Caverms; these are likely souls or at least energy beings capable of stealing souls from a body.

Later in the game, the Body of the God is seen attacking the Palace. The current Queen attempts to destroy it with Tara's Runestone, but her inability to control stronger monsters means she is quickly defeated.

The Corpse is later fought as the final boss, introducing itself as The God of Harmony.

This is one of the few times a monster has been fought against by the player, but is unable to be wielded as a card. This contrasts the God of Creation (seen in Card form but never used) and the God of Destruction (sealed in a card to be used by the player) from the previous game.