The Black Dragon is one of the strongest Independent Cards in the game, though it comes at a high cost to the summoner.

Whilst it was initially believed to serve the Enchanter in the original game, the dragon's Boss Fight in Lost Kingdoms II reveals that it was in fact serving directly under the God of Destruction.

As a Monster Edit

In Lost Kingdoms Edit

Th Dragon appears as one of the last bosses in the game, at the end of Ruh-Arok Temple. It is also part of the Bonus for that level.

Defeating it is the key to finishing the level.

In Lost Kingdoms II Edit

As a Card Edit

The Black Dragon is one of the sturdiest cards, as well as the most flexible. It is capable of wiping most foes within a few hits.

The one issue however comes from the face that the Black Dragon's health is tied to Katia's own. When it takes a hit, Katia receives it as damage. Healing cards like Water Bird are basically mandatory if a player wishes to make use of this card.