The Banshee is a Weapon monster in Lost Kingdoms.

Appearance Edit

The Banshee appears to be a woman whose arms re bound from the elbows up, though the model in the games suggests these are not actually bindings.

The eyes of the Banshee are always covered by a evil and it possess a ghostly tail instead of legs.

Usage Edit

The banshee is one of the easiest Weapon cards to use and the most effective for most of the game. It's attack can pierce any defence and has a massive range. In addition the Banshee takes little time to appear then attack, with some of the damage taken be given to the player as Experience.

The only downside to the Banshee is that it is only good for two uses and it's attacks are narrow, meaning they can be unreliable against enemies like Steel Skeletons that have a sideways dodge move.

As an enemy monster, Banshees are quite rare and most only appear during graveyard levels. Their attacks are still deadly and they move surprisingly fast for a long-range monster. Caution is advised.

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