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Alanjeh Castle is the first level of the game.

Princess Katia must find the Runestone to set off the events of the game. The only monsters are a pair of Skeletons, which can be dispatched easily. An Old Woman is met at the end of the level.

There is little reason to replay the level upon finishing Broch Black as there are no new areas or hidden Fairies as one may suspect

In the story Edit

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Alanjeh Castle is the home of Princess Katia as well as her Father, King Feobane. It is mostly constructed of white marble with red fabric drapes.

The Black Fog encircles the castle, forcing Katia to take up the Runestone. Following her father's last orders, she sets out to find him.

Monsters encountered Edit

  • Skeleton (despite two appearing in a cutscene, only one is fought)

Level Bonus Edit

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